mirelaMirela Lupachova, is an artist living, currently living and working in New York City. She was raised in a beach house in a small town called Durres in Albania located on the East coast of the Adriatic sea. She spent her free time by the sea playing and painting panorama of the beautiful coast, creating things with sand and seashells . At a very young age she was amazed by the beauty of the shore. After graduating from the High School of Arts in Durres, she moved to Italy where she enrolled and graduated with honors from the University of Turin with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. Mirela finds inspiration in colors of pop Arts, memories and immediate surroundings.

Growing up by the sea, Mirela spent hours by the ocean finding and collecting unique pieces of seashells, small stones, etc… which for her is like bringing a piece of the ocean home. It brings her a peaceful energy and makes it a unique experience and sensation, like flying with all the colors of the rainbow. For her the spectral qualities of colors and lights occupied a liminal position between this world and another.

Below you can view some of her past projects (history). For any inquiry about her work (products), you can contact her by e-mail